David Terr
Ph.D. Math, UC Berkeley


Uses for Math :

There are many uses for math. People use math everyday and do not even know they are using it. Counting out change, adding up items in a shopping cart, counting the number of steps to work or school all require that a person be able to compute simple math problems quickly. But there are careers that use math most of the time for projects and other job duties. Accountants, contractors, lawyers, business people, and information technology personnel all use math in their daily lives. From simple to complex problems, those who use math are always learning new ways to conduct business and make it more efficient for everyone.

In these careers, many people will go back to college for additional training so that they can earn promotions or find new jobs. Math is the cornerstone of their learning and is a big part of any degree program that involves business or information technology. Students will have to learn advanced theories and methods that use math to determine results. Many times students will take what they have learned and apply to their job immediately. Math can be used to solve problems, cut costs, and build homes and other buildings that will be used every day. It is important to use numbers correctly in order to get the desired results. This can be tricky at times, but with patience people are capable of getting most things accomplished. Math can make people's lives easier and more efficient. People who use math every day already know this because they rely on math to get their jobs done.