David Terr
Ph.D. Math, UC Berkeley


Math and Sports :

Math is used in many sports when people are creating plays, strategies, and for other reasons. Keeping score is another way math is used. Baseball players and other sports players have stats that they refer to as a way to distinguish players from each other. Math is used to determine these stats. Sports is an exciting way for people to spend time with their friends, watch some amazing plays, and eat good food. Most people do not think about all the math involved in watching and participating in a sporting event. Knowing how to keep score will require basic math skills. These skills are used without a person even thinking about it.

When players are training, coaches will run scenario play through their heads and on paper and will use math to determine the outcomes. By using the best players, they can produce plays that will win games. This is the coaches' job and one that they enjoy very much. A reliable coach takes into consideration all the variables adds up the possible outcomes. It is not unusual for a coach to change plays during a game or remove player due to injury or bad playing. Using math, the coach can determine whether the game will be won or not. Sports are meant to be enjoyable as well as profitable. Losing teams can cost owners money. Being able to win consistently will help keep the money coming in so that everyone will make money. Sports and math go hand in hand for many reasons.