David Terr
Ph.D. Math, UC Berkeley


Math and Movies :

In the movie business, special effects are oftentimes used to make a movie more exciting or enjoyable. Math plays a huge role in the generation of these special effects and how they are viewed on the screen. Graphic designers all use math to determine the size, placement, and other issues with getting the effects to work on the big screen. Editors also use math when trying to get a movie to run in a certain amount of time and in labeling scenes. There is a lot of work that goes into making a movie. There are also a lot of people that need to be employed in order to make the movie work. This means that accounts are needed to make sure that a movie has enough money to be completed.

Math is used from the very beginning to the very end of every movie. Ticket prices are also generated using math and statistics. Movie prices are determined by how much money studios spend to produce movies and how much they will earn at the box office. This can change the price of movies from city to city. Movies are usually less expensive during the day because less people can go and watch them. Movies will continue to be a driving force for entertainment and will need special effects to keep them entertaining. Math is used throughout the movie making process and can help make a movie more enjoyable and fun for those who can only see one or two movies very few months because of the rising cost of tickets.