David Terr
Ph.D. Math, UC Berkeley


Room Decoration :

Interior decorators use math when determining how much space they will have to work with when redecorating a room or a home. They will have to use different shapes and measure the space before buying anything. Math is a necessary component to any well decorated room. Interior decorators spend much of their time measuring fabric, furniture, empty space, and calculating the cost of the job itself. They will spend mush of their time planning and the rest of their time implementing their ideas. This can take a few weeks or a few months depending on the design and the amount of work needed to complete the project.

Math is used when calculating the time and the cost of the project. Interior decorators, while they have their own ideas, have to use home owner's ideas since it is their home. This can cause problems when people have different tastes and want envision different results. But most interior decorators can put their opinions aside and work with other people. Creating a space that is comfortable and functional is the goal of most people. Using math will help achieve this goal and help people have an inviting living space that they can use everyday. The goal of any interior decorator is to make people happy. By asking for suggestions before starting a project, decorators will have a better understanding of what a client is looking for and how to achieve it. This process can take some brainstorming, but in the end a style will emerge and will be created by the decorator.