David Terr
Ph.D. Math, UC Berkeley


Math and Manufacturing :

 The manufacturing industry is a stressful one. Creating materials, shipping them to customers, answering customer complaints, and trying to bring in more business can leave people in this business without much free time. The manufacturing industry is a competitive one that can suffer loses like any other industry. Trucks can break down, shipments can be sent to the wrong location, and workers could leave or be absent during important times. Math in manufacturing is used in many areas. From measuring materials to calculating gains and losses, math can be found in almost every facet of the manufacturing business.

  Companies that are profitable use math to create realistic business plans that will help them when times are rough. With a business plan, manufacturing businesses can keep from suffering too many losses, maintain a healthy bottom line, and be able to work under extreme pressure. Math can help when ordering supplies, cutting costs, and giving workers direction in their job duties. Since many plants operate all day long and all night, having reliable time clocks to calculate hours is important. Accounts will use math to create a pay roll system. Without basic math, people might not get paid on time.Manufacturing can be a tough business because most people will work in warehouses that are hot and will be lifting heavy items all day long. This can take its toll on anyone after a while. Using math can help decrease the number of injuries that employees may face and help to keep people on task. Learning how to use simple numbers and being able to forecast the future even just a little, will help when distributing the amount of work that will need to be done in a day.